ATM Branding across 12 States

ATM Branding across 12 States

Project Objectives

The primary goal of this project was to revamp the visual identity of 40 ATMs spanning across 12 states, enhancing brand recognition and customer engagement. The client, a leading financial services corporation, sought to maintain a cohesive and impactful brand image across their widespread network of ATMs.

Project Execution

Planning and Coordination

The project initiation phase involved detailed planning and coordination efforts. A comprehensive list of locations was identified across the 12 states, and each ATM was assessed for the specific branding elements to be replaced.

Design and Production

The new branding elements, including ATM wraps and topper inserts, were meticulously designed to reflect the client's updated brand identity. The production process involved high-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure durability and visual appeal.

Procurement and Logistics

All newly designed branding materials were procured in advance, adhering to strict quality standards. A detailed logistics plan was devised to guarantee timely delivery to each of the 40 locations.

Branding Implementation

1. Old Wrap Removal

  • Existing ATM wraps were carefully removed to avoid any damage to the underlying structure.
  • Adhesive residues were thoroughly cleaned to ensure a smooth surface for the new branding.

2. New Wrap Installation

  • Precisely measured and cut, the new ATM wraps were expertly applied to ensure a seamless fit and optimal visual impact.
  • Attention to detail was maintained to align branding elements accurately.

3. Topper Insert Replacement

  • The old topper inserts were removed, making way for the new branded inserts.
  • Each insert was securely positioned to complement the overall visual appeal.

Quality Assurance and Client Approval

Rigorous quality checks were conducted at each stage to ensure the brand elements were flawlessly integrated. Client representatives were engaged for final approvals, guaranteeing alignment with their brand guidelines and vision.

Challenges Overcome

Multistate Coordination

Coordinating simultaneous installations across 12 states required meticulous planning and precise execution. Clear communication channels and a dedicated project management team were essential in overcoming this challenge.

Site-specific Considerations

Each location had its unique layout and structural considerations. The project team conducted thorough site assessments prior to installation to anticipate and address any potential complications.

Results and Achievements

At the conclusion of the 10-day project, 40 ATMs in 12 states showcased the client's refreshed brand identity. The seamless integration of new wraps and topper inserts across the network not only elevated the visual appeal but also reinforced the brand's presence and recognition.


This project stands as a testament to our proficiency in delivering impactful branding solutions at scale. The successful execution across 12 states, involving 40 locations, demonstrates our commitment to quality, precision, and client satisfaction. We look forward to continued collaboration on future branding initiatives.


12 States across

Project Duration

10 days

Scope of the project
  • Rebranding of ATMs at 40 locations
  • Replacement of old ATM wraps with new branding
  • Replacement of topper inserts with new branding

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